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When it comes to finding the right property to buy or rent in Cyprus, we are here, by your side, to assist in making a sound and reasonable decision.

Based in Limassol, D. Zavos Group offers clients a variety of cutting-edge properties in prime locations all across Cyprus. These include villas, apartments, and residences, available to rent or buy. Beyond the vast range of properties for sale, the group also provides clients with the additional value of ensuring that their needs are met and supported through every step of the process. A highly qualified and experienced team of specialists is always on hand to guarantee that each of the property purchase is carried out as smoothly as possible. By choosing to purchase a D. Zavos Group property, clients can enjoy their property stress-free, knowing that everything from maintenance and cleaning to gardening and pool maintenance, and even rent collect, property insurance and bill payments is all taken care of.


Limassol - the city for all reasons and all seasons. Largest coastal resort. The Business and cosmopolitan Capital of Cyprus. Among 100 best cities in the world. Ranked 8th in the list of micro European cities of the future 2018-2019. The world’s leading city for quality of life and lifestyle.

The Group also possesses a large portfolio of commercial properties that can be rented or sold out to companies for investment purposes. The buildings are in close proximity to a variety of shops, banks, offices, eating places and amenities therefore making it an ideal location for conducting business.

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